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Giving Up Lent: Sin Offering

March 25, 2018

"We don't have to win God back; He has already won us." - Erin Ryden

The sacrificial system made us transactionally connected to God, but never had the power to change our heart. Think how that would affect us? Giving God a sacrifice, and being "made right" with Him. Then we go home and struggle with the same stuff we always have.

Day after day.

Year after year.

Decade after decade.

Generation after generation.

Like many of the nation of Israel, this is true for us. We try to perform for God and show everyone how Godly we are on the outside while remaining hollow on the inside. Trading praise for performance.


Join us as, Erin Ryden brings the 4th message in our Giving Up Lent series, as she digs into the "Sin Offering"

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