Home: You’re Named

April 8, 2018

Ephesians 4:1 "Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God."

Kaleo” - Call, Summon, Name

Our names are the foundation of our identity, purpose, and place in life. Our names carry information about where we come from, who named us and our families. 

Who named you?

Who are you named after?

What are your family dynamics?

Paul/Saul was named by his religion (Saul), his culture (Paul), but it was the God who named Him, that compelled him to beg others. Join us as we kick off our series #Home. 

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Easter at Restore: Greatness Comes From Great Foolishness

April 1, 2018

Steve Jobs said, "stay hungry, stay foolish." He did things that had never  been done and changed the world.  Jesus came born of a virgin and died on a cross, which seemed like great foolishness.  But then the resurrection changed everything. In this Easter message, Pastor Dylan challenges us to live out the "foolish" greatness God has planned for us through the power of the resurrection. 


Good Friday: Then Jesus

March 31, 2018

Check out the micro-message "Then Jesus" from Restore's 2018 Good Friday service. 


Giving Up Lent: Peace Offering

March 30, 2018

How do we celebrate the biggest moments of our life? The biggest victories…The best news?

There are two elements: Group of People & Food.

Join us as we wrap up our Giving Up Lent series, and dig into the "Last Supper" and the "Peace Offering".

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Giving Up Lent: Sin Offering

March 25, 2018

"We don't have to win God back; He has already won us." - Erin Ryden

The sacrificial system made us transactionally connected to God, but never had the power to change our heart. Think how that would affect us? Giving God a sacrifice, and being "made right" with Him. Then we go home and struggle with the same stuff we always have.

Day after day.

Year after year.

Decade after decade.

Generation after generation.

Like many of the nation of Israel, this is true for us. We try to perform for God and show everyone how Godly we are on the outside while remaining hollow on the inside. Trading praise for performance.


Join us as, Erin Ryden brings the 4th message in our Giving Up Lent series, as she digs into the "Sin Offering"

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Giving Up Lent: Guilt Offering

March 18, 2018

What do you do when you make a mistake? When your unintended action produces consequences for someone else?

Do you own up to the action, or do you say "It's not my fault!"?

Join us today, as we look dig into the "Guilt Offering", and see how God helps us take responsibility even when it isn't our "fault". 

Guilt Offering: Unlike the English word “guilt” this does not refer to a matter of one’s conscience but rather to something one owes on account of a “sin.” The purpose of this offering was to make reparations for one’s sin. 


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Giving Up Lent: Grain Offering

March 11, 2018

Isn’t it a comfort to worship a God we can’t exaggerate. -Francis Chan

God set up the sacrificial/offering system to remind His people that He had not forgotten about for them, their sin had a deep cost, and He had a better future for them.  Today we dive into the "Grain Offering" found in Leviticus 2.

Unlike the other offerings, the "grain offering" had nothing to do with our sin, but everything to do with who God was. Join us as we dig into what the "grain offering" teaches us about worship, and how we can live out Restore's 2nd passion to "Worship Passionately".  

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Giving Up Lent: The Burnt Offering

March 4, 2018

The sacrificial system is a means of grace by which the relationship between God and humanity begins to be restored.  Listen as Pastor David challenges us to own our sin problem and approach the sacrificial altar with confession and in faith find forgiveness.


Through: Your Will Be Done.

March 1, 2018

When we choose our will, we always find ourselves in a prison. Listen to the final message of the “Through: Four Prayers That Sustain Us” series. “Your will be done” is a prayer Jesus modeled for us to break us free from our prison.


Through: Are We There Yet?

February 18, 2018

Daniel Fusco said, “We need to reject the false voices.....and choose God’s voice over and above all the others.” Listen in as Pastor Ryan shares how God renames and reclaims us like he did in the story of Abraham and Sarah, answering the prayer, “Are we there yet?”