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Family Dinner: Table of Honor

November 14, 2018

"When you eat, I want you to think of God, of the holiness of hands that feed us, of the provision we are given every time we eat. When you eat bread and you drink wine, I want you to think about the body and blood every time, not just when the bread and wine show up in church, but when they show up anywhere, on a picnic table or a hardwood floor or a beach." - Shauna Niequist

The seat of honor at all family dinners is at the head of the table. Today we dig into Luke 14 and see Jesus and the religious leaders wrestling over who would sit at the head of the table. It’s a conflict of honor. Who will be honored?

Pharisees ask Jesus:

“Will He honor our Religion?”

“Will He honor our culture?”

“Will I be honored?”

Will Jesus accept the parameters that we have chosen for him to operate in?

We ask Jesus: 

  • Will God honor the cultural faith I quilted together, a mix of this-a mix of that?
  • Will God make sure that my life is honored, exactly how I have it?
  • Will God honor my relationship even though I don’t honor him in my relationship?
  • Will God honor my finances, even though I am not generous with my money?
  • Will God honor me, and operate in a way that only makes me secure, safe and happy?

Jesus simply asks us: “Will they honor my Father?”


Will God give me the seat at the head of the table?

Will I give God the seat at the head of the table?