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Us and Us: Sharing Our Faith

October 10, 2019


This word carries a lot of connotations with it. For some it means sharing the "Good News" (The root 'evangelion' means 'Good News'). For others, it is someone SHOUTING the "Good News" at them (Think Bullhorn Preacher outside of any sporting event). Ultimately, it is about communicating and connecting people to Jesus.

This message is for all of us who have tried to force people to hear about your thoughts on Jesus, or felt forced to hear someone's thoughts on Jesu.

This message is for all of us who remained silent about Jesus, because "forcing" people didn't seem very much like Jesus.

This message is for all of us who want to communicate and connect people to Jesus.

Join us as we look to Paul, and see how he did not fall prey to SHOUTING the Gospel or resigning himself to be silent about the Gospel. He instead, was able to share the Gospel in a powerful and personal way that connected all walks of life to Jesus. 


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