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Impostor: Faithfulness

Impostor: Faithfulness

September 17, 2019

All of God’s giants have been weak men and women who have gotten hold of God’s faithfulness.-Hudson Taylor

Our stories are marked with a combination of failure and faithfulness. Today we dig into how God's faithfulness helps build a bridge from our failures into a life of faithfulness. Join us as we look at God's incredible work in us, but also what God wants from us. From throwing away idols to walking in step with Him to build faithfulness in us.

Galatians 5:22-23; Romans 3; Joshua 24

Impostor: Goodness

Impostor: Goodness

September 10, 2019

Am I good?

How do I become good?

Is God good?

We have an interesting relationship with goodness. We are drawn to goodness, but we are highly skeptical of anyone or anything that claims to be good (without flaw in both character and conduct). Each one of us has heard and probably uttered the phrase "too good to be true". 

Join us we dispel impostors of goodness (boy scout & lady justice) and dig into what true goodness is rooted in and how we can experience it today. 

Impostor: Kindness

Impostor: Kindness

September 4, 2019

“For many Christians, following Jesus means we are just really, really nice.”
-Sharon Miller, author

Kindness is not simply a feeling of compassion, a smile or an open door. Kindness is compassion expressed through generosity.

Yet, we, especially in the Church, buy into the greatest impostor of kindness. It is the surface smile, open door or warm feeling we call niceness. 

Join us as we dig into the difference between kindness and niceness, and how choosing kindness can transform us, our neighborhoods, and the way we think about church. 


Impostor: Gentleness

Impostor: Gentleness

August 26, 2019

The impostor of gentleness focuses on the moment rather than the promise. God chose to speak to Elijah in a gentle whisper, it was to draw him close to himself. In this message Pastor Ryan digs into the Impostor of gentleness and helps us see the authentic from the fake.

We all want to find a place that we can be vulnerable even if it is for a moment. Gentleness invites us into a vulnerable place we want to go to. We have the ability to use the gentleness in the fruit of the spirit to help those around us dig deeper into their lives.
Impostor: Patience

Impostor: Patience

August 21, 2019

Patience should be considered more of a “vegetable” of the Spirit, we need it but we don’t really want it. This week in our series on the Fruit of the Spirit Pastor David explores two common imposters of patience and how to cultivate the real thing. 

Impostor: Peace

Impostor: Peace

August 13, 2019

There always seems to be a mountain of obstacles that interrupt our peace: anxiety, fear, relational strife, hardships, trials, injustice. This week we dive into a familiar story to address the impostors of peace and where true peace comes from.


We pick up the story in Exodus 13. After 400 years of slavery, the Israelites had finally been freed from their captivity to the Egyptians. The identity of slavery had been ingrained into the Israelites for nearly 20 generations, but God was moving them from slaves to son.


When they left Egypt, they marched out boldly armed for battle and camped near the Red Sea. But when the Egyptians pursued them through the desert, their confidence came crashing down. They cried to the Lord and questioned Moses’ leadership. In an instant, their confidence in God shattered.


The Israelites fell prey to the belief that peace is simply the absence of conflict. Like many of us they did everything in their power to avoid it. No matter how much we try to avoid conflict, it always catches up with us. It is in the avoidance of conflict that chaos is born.


What do we do when we find ourselves camped between conflict and chaos? What do we do when we’re sandwiched between the two things we’ve spent our entire lives avoiding? Isn’t that the place where peace really matters? If peace can’t be employed in that place, it shouldn’t be employed in any place.


Peace isn’t produced in the avoidance of conflict or the absence of chaos. Peace comes when we look chaos and conflict in the face and say, “I don’t have control of this situation but I know the God who does.”


“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” – Exodus 14:14

Impostor: Joy

Impostor: Joy

August 6, 2019
This week we look at Joy and what the impostor looks like for our lives and relationships. Are you happy? The impostor wants us to settle, settle for almost, settle for good enough. Pastor Ryan talks about how at times we see Joy as a Sasquatch we have heard of it but is it really there? Pastor shares that we can also become suspicious of joy in our lives.
What do we do with the impostor in our lives? How do we move from happy to joy?
Impostor: Love

Impostor: Love

July 31, 2019

The "Fruits of the Spirit" are the 9 markers of every healthy culture, community, and relationship. As with anything great, there are numerous knockoffs, fakes, and impostors that seek to deceive us. During our series, we will dig into the real and dispel the impostors that cripple our culture, community, and relationships.

To kick off our series, we dig into the most elemental and essential 

God describes Himself as love. He implores us to love others as our self. He even says if we don't love others, we don't love Him. 

It cannot be overstated, love is important.

The more important something is, the more impostors there will be. 

Join us as we dig in to dispel impostors and look to Jesus' words in John 15 for God's definition of love. 

Kingdom Come: Prisoners & Captives

Kingdom Come: Prisoners & Captives

July 25, 2019

"Evil spirits were expelled."

Evil spirits....seriously?

Like Poltergeist? Stranger Things? Voodoo? Ghost Hunters? Ghostbusters?

Many of us are skeptical of the reality of evil spirits, but I believe we almost all agree that there is more to life than what we experience or can prove in a scientific lab. I believe we can all agree that not everything in our world is working for our good. 

This is the reality of spiritual oppression. Spiritual oppression creates prisoners and captives. Join us as we dig into how the Holy Spirit gives freedom to both prisoners and captives. 

Kingdom Come: Same Kind of Different As Me

Kingdom Come: Same Kind of Different As Me

July 18, 2019

A diverse church is God's idea because a diverse church reflects the diversity of God as Father, Son & Holy Spirit. 

Acts 6:1-7 is as relevant in 21st Century America as it was in the 1st Century Roman Empire. As diversity brought about conflict, the Holy Spirit used 12 Apostles, and 7 Spirit-filled Greek men to elevate the oppressed Greek widows to a level playing field with their Jewish counterparts. 

Join us as we dig into the power of humility amongst leadership, and the unique perspective each gender, different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, age, amongst other defining characteristics, teach us about God.