Restore Mtown

Kill the Spider: Victory!?!?!

September 4, 2018

"Victory is the birthright of our new life through Jesus." - Pastor Dylan

God’s will is:

  • to destroy shame in this life.
  • To bring freedom in this life.
  • To bring victory in all aspects of our life, body, soul, and mind in this life.
  • To not only transform our destiny but transform our will in this life.

The Gospels are brimming with stories of victory, healing, and restoration.We dig into Jesus' remarkable healing of a man with a deformed hand (Mark 3:1-5). We also see that healing is never without opposition (Mark 3:6). As quickly as Jesus heals the man, we see how quickly that healing comes under attack. 

Join us as we dig into how our birthright of Victory! can quickly become Victory?.

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